Tax accounting services with abundant experience

We provide high quality services with extensive knowledge and experiences in corporate tax,
personal final tax returns, declaration of tax on transferred property, etc., tax inquiry and tax suit,
declaration of inheritance tax, international tax, etc.

Quick and careful response

Our office is well prepared so that there are no delay occurs for response to our clients by accepting
transaction exceeding our capacity. We in principle visit our clients monthly for corporate consultation
for excellent communication with our clients.

Compliance with global society

Recent transactions have become diverse and overseas transactions have increased regardless of size
of the company. We support our clients with viewpoint not limited to Japan. Communication in English
is also available.

For Individuals

Preparation of personal final tax return

We take care of personal final tax return. Supports for complicated declaration on transfer such
as replacement and exchange, etc. are also available.

Tax declaration of expats and expatriate personnel

We give consultation of and take care of tax return of expats and expatriate personnel.
Our representative certified tax accountant is fully experienced in tax accounting and is able to
have communication in English.

Tax support for those who hold foreign securities, financial account and land

Recently, many people start to have properties abroad. We give support in consideration of future
inheritance, etc.

For Companies

Corporate consultation

In principle, we visit every month to give support for monthly analysis, management plan and
measure for tax inquiry. We are committed to lead to our clients’development.

Service for tax inquiry

Tax inquiry is conducted periodically and the result of inquiry may give influence to continuation
of the company. We have experienced tax suits in the former operations and also experienced many
services for inquiry. Unreasonable return amendments are not provided.